Creswick Open Range Farm is a small, family owned and run business located on
the outskirts of beautiful Ballarat.
The farm is 113 acres in size consisting of rich rolling pastures, a meandering creek and even a historic gold mine.  
We believe happy hens produce the best quality eggs and the chickens are free to run, scratch, fly and forage to their heart's content.
The pasture fed happy hens are completely Open Range, which means Creswick have less than 200 chickens per hectare. 
Creswick paddocks are regularly rotated and seeded with a mix of oats, barley, wheat, millet and what ever green forage crop suitable to our seasons.
They also have access to quality natural mixed grains and delicious tank water
Once you have tasted our Creswick premium quality poaching eggs , you will be hooked.