Agrumato Lemon Lime Olive Oil 500ML

Rich Glen Olive Oil

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The most awarded olive oil, voted "Best Victorian Product" in 2013, wins medals every year. 

The zesty premium olive oil is made from the finest olives pressed simultaneously with organically grown lemons and limes in traditional agrumato style, adding superb flavour to all summer salads, fresh steamed veggies, seafood and Asian dishes. 

Ingredients: 100% first cold pressed extra virgin olive oil, fresh lemons and limes



  • 2013 Australian Olive Association - Best of Class
  • 2012 Sydney Royal Fine Food Awards - Champion Flavour Infused Oil 
  • 2011  Royal Melbourne Fine Food Awards Champion Flavour Oil 


  • 2016 Australian Olive Association
  • 2015 Australian Olive Association
  • 2015 Sydney Royal Fine Food Awards
  • 2015 Royal Melbourne Fine Food Awards
  • 2014 Australian Olive Association
  • 2014 Sydney Royal Fine Food Awards
  • 2014 Royal Melbourne Fine Food Awards
  • 2013 Sydney Royal Fine Food Awards
  • 2013 Royal Melbourne Fine Food Awards
  • 2012 Royal Melbourne Fine Food Awards
  • 2010 Royal Melbourne Fine Food Awards


  • 2018 Sydney Royal Fine Food Awards
  • 2017 Sydney Royal Fine Food Awards
  • 2016 Sydney Royal Fine Food Awards
  • 2016 Royal Melbourne Fine Food Awards
  • 2009 Royal Melbourne Fine Food Awards